Envra is a transformational, mission driven investment platform that invests in companies and projects at the intersection of infrastructure and digital technology to resolve inequalities, positively impact climate change and transform the way we live. 

Our leadership team is composed of infrastructure finance, technology and former public sector market leaders. We have deployed billions across traditional infrastructure and Infratech projects.

“By empowering the Infratech innovators of today we build a more equitable future for us all.”

Infratech is the deployment or integration of digital technologies with physical infrastructure to deliver efficient, connected, resilient and agile assets.

Infratech sectors cover traditional infrastructure (enhanced with technology), connectivity, mobility and clean energy.

We empower and accelerate Infratech through investments in companies and projects. Envra is the first woman and minority led infrastructure fund – giving us access to MWBE (Minority/Woman-owned Business Enterprises) investments.

We invest in portfolio companies that share our values and have the skills and resources to implement our noble vision. We have a founder first mentality providing capital to maximize company growth potential.

Ability to Grow
Agnostic to the size of companies, we invest on ability to scale and increase revenue.

Management Team
Experienced management teams in the given market sector.

Company Values
Companies that have strong ESG values (or commitments in the future) and align with Envra’s ideals and goals.

Proven Technology
Demonstration of proven and viable technology in sectors of interest.

We disrupt traditional infrastructure by accelerating Infratech deployment and bridge the gap between venture capital and private equity.

Envra is an early mover in a space that will become the future of infrastructure deployment. And the future starts now.

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